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Say NO to Your Constipation and Digestive Problems Naturally with VitoLax™

Constipation restricting individuals from enjoying day to day life

Constipation is characterized by irregular and infrequent evacuation of the bowels. A person suffering from constipation experiences difficulty and pain in passing bowel, abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting, weight loss, diarrhea etc. Constipation may affects individuals of all age group including children, teenagers, adults and old people It is getting more prevalent now a days due to poor eating habits and unhealthy lifestyle.

Poor eating habits includes consumption of more junk and processed food instead of healthy green leafy vegetables and high fiber diet i.e. children prefer junk foods. Unhealthy lifestyle includes bad sleeping habit, lack of exercise etc.

Gain Ample of Benefits with VitoLax

  • Get rid of constipation and digestive problems
  • Improves digestive functions of the body
  • Make your bowel movement regular and easy
  • Natural formula with laxative properties
  • 100% safe and non-prescription remedy

VitoLax™ is the herbal formula to combat your digestive problem including chronic constipation. This phytomedicine has benefited millions of people around the world.

VitoLax™: Kick Out Your Pain and Sufferings Associated with Constipation!!
The unique feature of VitoLax™ is that it possesses natural laxative properties. Thus it is completely free from any kind of side-effects associated with synthetic laxatives including bloating, cramping, abdominal discomfort, faintness, diarrhea, nausea etc. Synthetic laxatives include bulk forming laxatives and stimulant laxatives etc. It makes bowel movement easier for you.

How Does VitoLax™ Work?
VitoLax™ is made up of herbal ingredients which curb digestive disorders and constipation effectively without causing any side-effects. Its all effective ingredients trigger the bowel to contract to move the stool out. VitoLax™ add water and bulk to your stool thereby making bowel movement easier.


It is recommended to consume 1-2 tsf of VitoLax™ daily with a glass of warm water. Follow the course regularly to ensure better results.

Side Effects
VitoLax™ has been tested for its effectiveness and side-effects by most experienced and famous doctors. After extensive research done by these doctors, it is revealed that “VitoLax™ has no short-term and long-term side effects”

VitoPharma is a renowned manufacturer of herbal products. It is known for its quality and authenticity. VitoPharma products are formulated by most trusted doctors by making use of most effective herbs. As soon as you make payment for your order, your product will be dispatched to the instructed location. Your privacy is strictly respected.

All our products come with a 90-Day Money back Guarantee (Refund will be after deducting Shipping & Handling charges). This guarantee shows that we are sure of our products quality and what we promise, we deliver. However if for any reason you are not satisfied with our product, you can claim your money back by getting in touch with our customer care.

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